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Same freaking reaction just different hair and age.

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quick doodle of our artist Al
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quick doodle of our artist Al

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“Jamie’s got, like… let’s call it a fetish for old arcade machines,” Helders says. “He found this guy in the Valley who rents old machines and he was really excited one morning. He was like, ‘You’re not going to believe what I’ve done…’” {x}

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"I never liked the idea of being everywhere, and I think because it was such a whirlwind, you try to keep some semblance of control. You try to be, like, ‘Well, I don’t want to overdo this thing…’ and there’s this idea that maybe it will burn out if you do." {x}

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The suicide - Edouard Manet, oil painting reproductions for sale
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you dont wanna mess with me i cry easily

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